Our Approach and Solutions


Whether your focus is business-to-business, consumer, youth, a non-profit cause or even a specialty market like weddings, Innov8Press can ensure your prospects and customers are delighted when they engage with you online.

While our homepage screams "Wordpress!" we always begin with your business goals and objectives for your website. We then meet with you to gather requirements and listen. It's how we make certain your needs are met and exceeded.

Though we have chosen WordPress as our go-to-market platform—and can manifest your vision and needs into a beautiful, functional, modern website since we know it so well—we take in to consideration a number of factors before we even create a proposal:

  • What are you trying to achieve? (Do you have a vision for your website? Do you know what's even possible?)
  • What kind of time, energy and effort can you and your team devote to creating content and engaging online? (If you don't have the time or people to blog, for example, then perhaps that is not something to add to your new website)
  • What are the skill sets of you and/or those folks? (This helps us determine what to deploy, the tutorials you will require and so forth)
  • How can you easily and effectively optimize your website for search engines (i.e., SEO), have it load fast so visitors have a great experience, and be secure so you don't get hacked?


wp-logoWe offer complete turnkey WordPress installations that map to your strategy, business processes, and the goals and objectives of you and/or your organization. We leverage this open source platform due to the fact that WordPress is used by over 29% of the websites as of July 2017 and, as such, has an enormous ecosystem surrounding it. This means that it is highly likely we can deliver solutions for your website which would otherwise require custom software development.

i8p-smallIf you simply need a robust blog, we offer that solution as a standalone or website add-on. If you need a complete website---as most of our customers do---we'll gather requirements, interview you and your team, understand the subtleties and nuances of your industry or unique value proposition, and custom tailor your solution just for you.

studiopress-iconOver six years ago we bet our business on Studiopress, makers of the Genesis Framework and various themes. Like WordPress itself, there is a very large ecosystem of developers, support and plugins which make using Genesis so good that we can build and deploy your website better, cheaper and faster than using WordPress alone. The framework provides us with so much out-of-the-box that we can laser focus on your business requirements and get you up and running with your new website quickly and efficiently.

Depending upon the sophistication and complexity of your website, we also use WP Beaver Builder extensively. This visual page builder provides us with the capability of delivering virtually any kind of layout and structure you can imagine.

Our use of those frameworks and delivering your site as a mobile responsive one, use of optimized, rock-solid and secure plugins, our business and WordPress expertise, all come together to ensure your success. Your website, blog, membership site, ecommerce store, or social network for your customers are achieved with the most cutting edge (and yet proven) approaches and technologies available today.

Want to tie in your email provider? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? Book appointments? It's likely most of what you need already exists and we can leverage the WordPress ecosystem for your benefit.

Lastly we pride ourselves on what one of our clients said about their new rock-solid, easy to use website which we delivered for them: "Innov8Press gave us champagne results on a beer budget." You can achieve that too.

What do you need from your website?

Engage with us now and together we will determine what you need.

Then you can consider joining over 326 of our clients whose websites deliver results!