About Innov8Press

Innov8Press is led by Steve Borsch who has more than 25 years in high technology with a specialty in content management systems. He has had a variety of roles in sales, sales management, business development, and strategy creation. He has spent his career in high tech beginning at the dawn of the personal computer business, extending in to the multimedia and interactive media spaces and culminating in the acceleration of digital communications in the internet arena with firms as diverse as Pioneer New MediaPanasonic Communications and Systems Co., Apple and Vignette.

Steve is now CEO of Marketing Directions, Inc., a 30-year-old trend forecasting and management consulting firm, with clients that include startups, small-to-midsize companies, retailers, manufacturers and enterprise organizations. He also blogs on trends in technology innovation, social media and other matters at his personal blog Connecting the Dots, and on innovation in web and internet technology in Minnesota at Minnov8.

He is married with two kids and now lives in southern California.

Our Team

Innov8Press' parent company, Marketing Directions, Inc., has several businesses and as such we engage various team member's time and talents on our client projects. Whether that is writing content, performing image work, installation or other tasks—or specific custom coding for your requirements—you can be assured that our competent team will deliver results.